Ford Ranger AFN Front Bumper

The Ford Ranger AFN Front Bumper features integrated LED spot lighting and accommodates factory parking sensors. Also includes a sturdy winch plate and aluminum fairlead.

There are two skid plates included with this front bumper: The primary ‘Upper Underbody’ plate fabricated from 6mm aluminum alloy, and a secondary ‘Lower Underbody’ plate fabricated from 4mm steel plate.

Ford Ranger AFN Rear Bumper-standard

Ford Ranger Rear Bumper Standard | 48002521 | AFN 4x4 USA | 01

The Ford Ranger Classic Rear Bumper features integrated trailer hitch, extra side protection, and accommodations for factory parking sensors.

Ford Ranger AFN Rear Bumper-dual Swing-Out

The Ford Ranger Rear Bumper with Wheel Carrier and Jerry Can Bracket is an ideal expedition replacement. Featuring reversible hinge swing away spare tire rack, license plate relocation frame, and accommodation for factory parking sensors.

Take a look at the images for detailed specifications.

Ford Ranger AFN Sump Skid Plate

Our Ford Ranger Sump Skid Plate…the case for under-body protection!

This undercarriage armor protects the sump without compromising airflow and durability. Installed to original fitting points – the Sump Skid Plate is installed into the OEM fitting points of the Chassis. There is no need for drilling or welding.

Manufactured Thickness: 6mm aluminum.

Ford Ranger AFN rock sliders/Side Steps

Made from steel tube and aluminum tread plate, these AFN Ford Ranger Side Steps/Rock Sliders protect your vehicle from off-road damage. Also make getting into and out of your Ford Ranger a bit easier…thanks lift kit!

Ford Ranger Side Steps Rock Sliders | 48002522 | AFN 4x4 USA

Available to purchase at AlliedExpedition.com