Mercedes G-Class AFN Front Bumper

The Mercedes G-Class Front Bumper is precision fabricated by AFN, manufactured in a state of the art modern facility.


Every AFN bumper begins life with a plate of raw steel and a CNC laser cutter. From there it’s off meet the friendly neighborhood Welding Robots with a hearty handshake and precision automated assembly. Every bumper is then thoroughly cleaned through a sandblasting process and chemical bath. Finally the parts are powder coated with electrostatic paint creating a hard, wear resistant finish that is tougher than conventional paint. 


Available with or without bull-bars.

Mercedes G-Class AFN Rear Bumper

Built with the same attention to detail as the front bumper, the Mercedes G-Class Rear Bumper is a precision fabricated work of rugged performance art.

Featuring a single swing-away spare tire rack.

Please note: the images shown are of the European bumper, the North American bumper will vary slightly. We will update photos as soon as we can.

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